Dinner on the Dunes

Does the idea of having dinner on the dunes under the starry night in the open desert landscape fascinate you? Desert Adventure Camp serves scrumptious traditional cuisines to our guests from all over the world. We arrange a fest full of Rajasthani delicacies to you. In the most enchanting setting, we provide our visitors with a pastoral menu to relish it in the company of your friends. Therefore, dinner on dunes is  the ideal way to live moments of joy with your loved ones.

We welcome our guests on the traditional tunes of folk songs and with the glass of traditional drinks. Desert Adventure Camp sets your dinner evening in the background of folk artists performing different kinds of cultural and art forms for you while you enjoy your food. We have a long menu from traditional Dal-Bati, Churma, Ker Sangri to regular dishes etc. Therefore, we serve Rajasthani Thali on ‘Bajots’ (small Tables) with a comfortable sitting on the floor. Our team takes care of health and hygiene standards while preparing meals for you. Desert Adventure Camp has a team of professional Chefs who prepare food with love to gratify your sense of taste. Therefore, our guests can book us and share their requirements on call.

We at Desert Adventure Camp can make customized arrangements on the request of our guests to amplify the celebrations. The dinner on dunes with us will be a lifetime experience for you. Come and rejuvenate yourself away from the chaos of the city. Our aim is to make our guests taste all kinds of food items different from the regular dishes. Variety in food gives you ample of choices to gratify your hunger. Are you planning to throw a dinner party?

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